The Daylilles are Blooming! Must be Time for Dinner!


The nasturtium flowers are not quite blooming yet, so I haven’t fried them. I’m trying to give the zucchinis a chance to flourish before I start snatching the flowers – so we’re frying the Daylilies while we wait for the rest of summer’s bloom.

Yes. I mean those Daylilies. Those ordinary blossoms on tall spiky green stems that are growing in abundance in your yard.

A friend told me about Daylily soup a few years ago, which I never made. But, nevertheless, I Goggled edible flowers, and sure enough, those Daylilies growing in abundance are certainly edible – and they are delicious. Not as peppery as the nasturtiums… but a definite distinct yummy flavor… you’ll have to try it for yourself.

Dipping those big blooms in flour and putting them on a hot skillet is so exotic – it’s so much fun/weird to do. My 12-year-old always takes over in the kitchen when I’m frying up a batch. He’s a patient chef… working slowly to make sure the ants are all gone, (sprinkle blooms with salt before washing) making sure the egg/milk mixture has a chance to dip into the middle of the flower,

and carefully twisting the bloom so that salted flour coats the petals on all sides.

Most importantly, he understands the importance of a dry skillet — just enough olive oil to crisp them – but not a deep fry.

And, he stands guard watching them carefully and knows just when to flip them over with a fork to crisp up the other side.

Everyday nature brings us another batch of day lilies—hence the name. Try frying them, just for fun.

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8 comments to “The Daylilles are Blooming! Must be Time for Dinner!”
  1. That had never occurred to me. Did you know they’re classified as weeds? My mom always says those daylilies are so hardy they’d grow in a pile of cigarette ash in a parking lot.

  2. Rachel, I love your adventurous spirit.
    Jenn, how right your mom is! I don’t like them much, and try to dig them out in the spring… but here they are. Now, they can earn their keep on the dinner table.

  3. I have a friend who used to like to pick them BEFORE they opened and use them in salad.

    I had to move all mine to the backyard last year as the deer like them too!

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  5. Hey Susie,

    Look what I came across on “marx foods” website. Looks like you might be in the wrong business! LOL 🙂

    “Nasturtium Flowers & Leaves

    Nasturtiums are large, incredibly bright flowers with a watercress/pepper flavor. Nasturtium leaves have a similar flavor, but more bite. more info…

    $67.00 for 50 Count
    $80.50 for 100 Count
    (Prices Incl S&H)”

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