Waiting on the Fort

The design of this fort is

ingenious — using the top bar of the swing set bar to hold the strings, which come down to form the walls of the fort at an angle all the way to the ground. Each string is secured to a rock. Ingenious…

Especially over the last one — the maze of string.

Each rock is surrounded by 3 Jack in the Beanstalk seeds, and a few peas. But, there just may not be enough hot days left to grow those luscious thick walls that boys love so much.

Hmmm. We’ve had plenty of rain, and the temperatures haven’t been hot — but warm.

It’s just like the beans just know — you can’t fool them into thinking it’s spring, and they can just tear out of the ground as if they’re running a race. That’s what they do in the spring — the take off like race cars, and climb that string as quickly as they can.

The beans are definitely holding back. We’ll just have to wait and see if a growth spurt just happens to hit them just in time, and we have a luscious fort for fall.

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