Vintage Sheet Music Art

I have lots of vintage sheet music. My mom was the first in her family to take piano lessons — and she even had a piano! Which was big for her depression-era family. She had all kinds of sheet music, my dad sang, my mom played the piano, and eventually the organ…and one of their favorite things to do was to head to town and buy sheet music on Saturday morning.

The sheet music is sitting in a box, carefully protected from the elements. Yet, I am not following the rules of the clutter experts… if you’re not using it, toss it! So, I’ve been persusing all of the DIY PB knock-off sites — and I came across this:


From a beautiful blog, Bromeliad…. (Please visit and enjoy yourself over there.)

This inspired me…I have a large blank canvas… I have sheet music… but I don’t want to “glue” the sheet music… so I have plans…

I’ll be working this weekend on the project, and I’ll show you what I’ve come up with… but I”ll tell you this much. I have Mod Podge… I have a copier… and I have a spot in my dining room, right above my piano where the finished piece will hang.

I can’t wait to get started… yet… I’m off to pick strawberries this morning…maybe I’ll score an authentic strawberry picking sign too.

6 comments to “Vintage Sheet Music Art”
  1. Can’t wait to see what you come up with…. I’ve got a ton of my dad’s old sheet music that I’ve thought about framing….. although part of me hopes to one day be good enough to PLAY it! Time will tell what I decide to do.

  2. Susie,
    I put my favorite music Fur Elise in 3 black frames above my piano years ago and it still looks great. (I just picked pages 1, 3, and 5). I used 8X10 frames from Michael’s that hold diplomas, certificates,etc. between the 2 pieces of glass so no glue was needed. The sheet music is still in great shape.
    Have fun!

  3. I buy sheet music on Ebay and the Dealers tell me they buy at Estate Sales, Auctions. They won’t tell me where to access these Sales and Auctions. Do you know if they are online or how to buy the same way they buy sheet music ? Thank You.

  4. Did you ever end up making this? I’ve been searching the web with a how-to and have come up empty handed!

    Any direction you could provide would be VERY much appreciated.

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