Vintage Movies verus Audio Books versus Books: A Time and Place for Everything

Could it happen? Will it happen? I carry along my iPad around the house, launched to the  TMC (Turner Classic Movie) App and watch snippets of old movies whenever I’m doing a task that keeps me stationary for a while.  So, I wonder, if I will ever run out of movies to watch. I’m surprised, really, at some of the topics covered in some of these vintage movies — like The Astonished Heart,  East Side West Side and Until they Sail. I’m not sure why I am so drawn to these films — when I look at my Netflix app, waiting to show me something current in full color — I always chose the crisp black and white films over full-color production today. The question is — what happens when I’ve seen them all?! It’s such a thrill to scroll through the movies and discover something new… will that day come, when I don’t have anything new?

I have rules about my binge watching — I never simply sit down with my iPad and watch a movie end to end. I use the movies as a crux to help me do something else — like folding the laundry, or painting my nails or peeling potatoes — and especially when I’m doing a workout that I know by heart (like a stationary bike, or the same old yoga poses.) And, when I’m done with the task, I pause the movie and save it for the next time.  This is a great motivation to get me to do stuff — like, would you like to see what happens next? OK — let’s go get that laundry folded… etc

I always like to have some sort of story running through the background — I think I know the real reason — but the reason I’ll go with, for now, is because it helps me serve my clients better. You know — I listen to how others tell stories and present ideas so that I can do a better job of it for my clients. GREAT ANSWER!

So, if I am moving around, I have an audiobook ready to play at a moment’s notice. I have several in my queue from the library app, Overdrive, and Hoopla.  The best book so far of 2017 was Behind Closed Doors. WOW. WOW. WOW. Oh my goodness… what a delicious book. My favorite memory of listening to an audiobook, however, was listening to David Pittu read Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. Such a lyrical voice… stil a lovely story. I might want to listen to that one again, real soon. Has Donna Tartt created anything to the Goldfinch’s equal yet? My audiobooks are playing pretty much all the time when I am by myself, cooking, cleaning, carrying laundry — and always driving. But I have to turn it off when the kids get in the car.

And then, yes, there are times when I actually do sit down. They are rare… and then I usually have my Kindle opened on my iPad… And I just finished He Said She Said.  Highly recommended — not a book I would typically enjoy, but it was well written, and my Kindle version has several sections highlighted that I thought were quite lovely writing… Definitely a book that reveals things you might miss… I am still struck by the way he “holds her hair while sleeping…” and then, of course, there is that twist that you will NEVER SEE COMING!!!

Thank goodness — with so many stories, literally, available, at my fingertips — I can work myself through almost any difficult task…



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