Vintage Button Bobby Pins For Mom

Since I started letting my hair grow longer, I’ve been in this constant battle to pull my hair back with something. I’ve been smitten with those vintage button bobby pins on Pinterest, signing with a “someday I’ll make those,” refrain.

Lucky me, the boys asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day, and it suddenly occurred to me, that the boys could easily make those bobby pins for me!vintage button bobby pins001

Turns out, this is the perfect craft for a kid. vintage button bobby pins004They studied the buttons, looking for matches, wondering how to make a pattern, and deciding that this button was big enough to stand on its own.vintage button bobby pins003

“You know,” I told them, “Many of these buttons came from my Grandma — that one is from her winter coat right there — and others came from my Mom — it really couldn’t be a more perfect mother’s day gift.”They weren’t impressed.vintage button bobby pins008

They glued them down, discovering that it was easy to glue the buttons first, and lay the bobby pin on top. vintage button bobby pins009

Finally, they were done.

They’re as pretty as jewels…

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