Update: How to get rid of a chest cold

Here's the scoop on the vinegar: The body becomes more alkaline during a cold and the vinegar will help to re-balance the body's acid level. And, I'm here to tell you it worked. And adding the teaspoon to a glass of warm water is much easier to take. Yesterday, things did not look so rosey, and I was sure I was headed to the Dr. for antibiotics. There was no opportunity to rest --here's what my day looked like:

  • Field trip -- with the toddlers tagging along
  • Dealing with difficult toddlers all day who know you don't feel well
  • An after-school project for my 5th grader with another 5th grader that involved crafts, painting, and research. Ended up with all of the 5 boys wrestling on the living room floor of my friend's house, and nothing was accomplished.
  • An evening school event
Everywhere I went, people stopped me and asked if I was going to the doctor to get drugs. I think this was because I sounded like I was in a rock 'n'roll band, and I had been rockin' all night long. I did not feel well -- despite the heat, I had chills all day. I sipped about 5 teaspoons of vinegar throughout the day, and it did help clear up the chest stuff, but I still felt so weak and wiped out. There was a 45-minute break, at 2:15 when I thought I could get a nap in. The boys would be home from school at 3, and I curled up with the 3-year-old (5 was a at playdate), and we were almost asleep, when, I kid you not, the doorbell rang, stirring the curiosity of my 3-year old. All was lost. It was a tree service guy passing out a flier (couldn't you just leave it on the step), because he noticed our Birch tree needed chopping down. I kid you not. I'm ready to drop -- but, at the evening event, around 7:30, I started to feel good. I mean, like, almost normal, "I'm going to live good". So, I treated myself to some yoga, as my back is so sore from coughing, and hit the hay. The vinegar works. Today, my head is still stuffy, still coughing -- nothing like before. So today, the recipe is a little more vinegar, more neti pot, as it clears out the chest too. And I no longer feel "sick."

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  1. I’ve been a believer for years – apple cider vinegar in particular. It’s an old folk remedy that really works in the early stages of a cold.

    Another good one: strong chamomile tea with honey and bourbon. It may not cure you, but you’ll feel better!

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  4. I have reloaded thsi page 6 times , still unable to see the blog “How to get rid of a chest cold” can it be emailed to me?? Thanks so much

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