Update: An Easier DIY Vitamin C Serum

After reporting on the research on how to create a stable Vitamin C serum for your skin, that holds all of the collagen, skin repair and age-spot eliminators we want, I started to think about the research I found.  One element that kept repeating over and over was that Vitamin C becomes unstable the minute it is mixed with water.

So, what if we didn’t use water to activate the Vitamin C?

After in-depth research, I wanted to know if Vitamin C powder could be activated in oil only. Would this eliminate the problem of stability? I have no idea why this is not obviously stated, but I did find this video, which explains that yes, you can simply mix the powder in oil, for a much more stable version of Vitamin C serum.

So, feel free to add the ferulic acid and Vitamin E, for even more power, (because this discovery does not refute the NIH‘s research into the value of those too boosters), but eliminate the water. I will work on a new formula that does not include the water, substituting the water for all oil — including  maybe adding from Frankincense and Rosemary essential oils, which are also known to have skin healing properties — and are also anti-bacterial in nature.

But before I do, I will want to find out if the omission of water makes the Vitamin C serum completely shelf stable? Let me know if you learn anything in the meantime.




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