Hey, teach, we had to come up with something

I got a call from one of my great friends, who just happens to have a son in the same class as one of my sons. She’s enjoying herself immensely in Hawaii at the moment.

She asks me casually, “So, did he get his three journal entries done?”
“What journal entries?”
“You know… their homework for the summer… three journal entries and a postcard to the teacher?”

To be honest, if anything did come home in his backpack during the last week of school, I never looked at it. And, you know all that stuff people say about, “It takes a village to raise a child?” This is what they’re talking about. It takes a village to stay on top of all those things we have to do for our kids. Good friends know this.

So, I found some paper that didn’t have water stains on it, managed to find a pen, and asked him to write. All he could come up with was:

“I got up, ate my breakfast, brushed my teeth, and went tubing.”

All true, but no substance. So, we did what any parents would do, who are concerned about their kid’s education. We borrowed skis, and we threw him out in the water behind the boat. We threw him a rope, and this is what happened:

My husband, the skier, says, rarely do they get up the first time. So, how’s that for a journal entry, kid?

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