Typical Encounters During a Morning Run at the Lake

Open door and say “Hello” to someone other than the chipmunks.




Stay focused…turn away from the lake, and head out, before you talk yourself out of this run.


Besides, it’s always good to get out and see what the world is up to, and see everyone. Including this Snapping Turtle that just happens to be crossing the road, and perhaps, join me on this morning run. Where is Fun Size when you need him?

Snapping Turtle


Wave to your friends, as they drive by on their way to get Donuts from Tom’s.

Quietly congratulate yourself for not going down this road in a car to get donuts… today, anyway.


Turn the corner, and make your way back.

Pull off shoes, socks and jump into the lake,


And come up out of the water, completely refreshed, and sip on a bit of Beet Kvass.

beet kvass001

For the energy you’ll need to make it thru the campfire, that starts at 11, hour and hours from now.



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