Two Hours Into Wine Country

Northern California is so beautiful, and so different from the MidWest… I am in awe every second here, as if maybe I’ve really left planet Earth, and, as one of our roommates said, “We’re in the Garden of Eden.” We’re actually in Healdsburg, which is a small rural area — and by rural, I mean California wine/olive farmer versus of rural. And cows. Yes. Cows graze on the So much to tell, so much to see… I don’t know where to start. So I decided to just dole it out to you as I’ve seen it… as best as I can remember. .

I love these barrels… I see them everywhere along the side of the road. I wonder if I could carry one on the plane and take it home?

Great visual to show my kids where cork comes from.

Rosemary grows like a shrub here… I’m lucky if I get one 3 inch plant to last through the winter… envy.

Wow. I’m thirsty.

What could possibly be in these rolls that make them taste as if they are infused with about every single flavor from a vegetable garden, and an orchard, at the same  time?

Red Wood Trees… I didn’t even realize they grew outside of the Red Wood Forest.



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