True Love

This humidity, combined with this spring’s warm rains makes the perfect conditions for mushrooms to appear, seemingly out of nowhere (like fairies). This is when they pop, and swell to about twice their normal size: If you’re lucky enough to find them. While I was busy cranking out my 33 pages (done, thank you very much), the boys found these beauties at the lake house.

For some of you, I realize, this best shot photo of these large Yellow Sponge Mushrooms does not make your mouth water, or your heart flutter. To those of you, I can only say “thank you.” Because, that just leaves more for the rest of us.

Rather than frying them up and eating them on the spot, those men in my life brought all the mushrooms they found  back home to share them with me. When someone brings even one of these mushrooms back to you, it is an honor. And they were delectable.

5 comments to “True Love”
  1. Can I come over for a snack? I am a huge mushroom fan, but have never had these prepared in the way you described. They look delicious!

  2. wow – those are some pretty funky looking mushrooms! I would be willing to try them 🙂 what fun to find such treasures. Now, where is the picture of the smiling face while eating said mushrooms?

  3. Yellow Sponge? — those are morels! My kiddos found 16 this weekend in Minnesota. I was in Iowa searching as well and only found 3. I came home and sauteed them in butter, made a chicken and cream gravy, added the morels and served over rice.


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  5. Only a mushroom lover would understand that photo :-D….We don’t get those here, that I know of, and if I saw them I would probably think they were poisonous. It were a brave soul who first fried em up I say!

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