Mounted Bass Wall Transformation

The big bass my husband caught last summer, which was eventually, as my kid’s say, “plaqued,” hangs on a 77″ wide wall at the lake house; on the walls I painstakingly caulked and painted last summer. Mr. fish looks lost in this space… almost as if he’s swimming out to sea. I’ve been busy perusing antique stores and second-hand shops for new furniture, with the hope of transforming the bass wall into a much more beautiful space. I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for yet, but I’ll know it when I see it. I’m showing you the picture now, because in just a couple of months, you just might see one of those gorgeous seen-on-TV-style transformations of the Bass Wall. Here’s the before…


stay tuned for the after.

3 comments to “Mounted Bass Wall Transformation”
  1. The trout wall doesn’t look half bad, though your account makes me chuckle. To me, it looks fresh and open, a look I really like since my house is a “bit” more cluttered.

  2. That trout looks more like a large mouth bass. And I think it looks great there too. It looks like your husband landed the ‘Big One’ Great memory to have caught it while fishing with all the boys.

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