Treading the High Places of the Earth

I was scared to death.

We were just about ready to zipline

through the redwood forest, on 700 year old trees. (Did you know that Redwood Trees “sway”…. ALOT?! It’s just their nature…)

(This is one view, looking down.)

Seven ziplines, one suspension bridge,

and one repel out of the forest. It takes so much courage to actually leave the tree — to step off that platform, to put all of your trust in the guide that hooked you up, and then, there is the equipment. But leaving the tree, once you do… is pretty darn fun.

Just before I jumped onto the platform, to take off, I spotted this sign.

My knees never stopped knocking for the 2.5 hour zipline tour. But it was nice to know I wasn’t alone, treading the high places of the earth.

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2 comments on “Treading the High Places of the Earth
  1. OK! Hi first of all (sorry for the long absence); that photo of you two is LOVELY; I am not sure what ziplining is but it looks tricky; and finally WOW what an amazing experience! I would find the suspension bridge daunting, let alone anything which required me zipping along lines. Is it like what we call a flying fox,/a>?

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