Tourist Attractions We Missed

We are the family that sees a billboard for The Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers and continues driving. It’s tough; but when you travel with four boys, your only mission is the destination.  You must get them out of the car and to the final destination sooner, rather than later.

As a result, we’ve missed a few things:

The Vent Haven Ventriloquis Museum. Here’s an excerpt form the tour brochure:

Do ventriloquist dummies scare you? See hundreds of them at this museum devoted to the art of and history of ventriloquism.

Colonel Sander’s Grave. Apparently, he did not take all of his secrets to the grave.

Lighting Portrait of Startled Bather. Lightning is said to have etched a bathing woman’s face into a window overlooking a cemetery.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not in Tennessee. Even though there is a Children’s Museum; described like this:

You will see things in this museum that can’t even be talked about it. It is a chilling adventure and you must enter at your own risk. Dare to go inside, but remember that Ripley assumes no responsibility if you do not return.

We skipped this attraction.

The Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers, home to 20,000 shakers from all over the world. This was a tough call: A comment on the S&P website form a visitor went like this:

My mother and I could have spent the ENTIRE day there viewing each and every set, and I think we still would have missed several sets!

The Museum of Appalachia. Honestly, this is one museum I would like to visit.  Complete with a July 4th Anvil Shooting contest, the Fall Homecoming, gardens and Folk Art.
Attractions We Did See
We sat in on the interstates of Kentucky, in the middle of now where, in the middle of the night. Traffic came to a complete halt. We stretched our kid’s imaginations by pondering where the thousands of trucks and cars around us were going.

We were fascinated with one Mom, driving a mini van, who was reading a book (while driving), with the interior lights on while her kids watched Lilo and Stitch on the portable DVD player.

Chattanooga is a great place to spend the night. You wake up for breakfast to people who say, “How ya’all doin’ this mornin’.” Sometimes I believe those Southerners really do want the truth.

Still, a side of me always wonders, as we driving through these states, what are we missing by not visiting Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini Golf.

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3 comments to “Tourist Attractions We Missed”
  1. Susie, I so hear you on this one. Even with three boys, our goal is get in and get there! I’ve even bypassed many an outlet that was calling my name… But, hey, at least we get them out, right?

  2. We’ve got three boys ourselves, and it can be hard when they keep asking, “Are we there yet?” when we’ve only been on the road for five minutes. That’s one of the reasons I like staying in places for more than a couple weeks. You have more opportunities to see those weird and wacky places.

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