Toolbox Valentine Box

The soap boy is now into WRENCHES. He really likes wrenches. So, of course, he wanted a “wrench valentine” box. After puzzling for weeks, I finally convinced him today (the day before the Valentine party) to create a toolbox valentine box, complete with a bolt and wire secret clasp. We can now add this latest creation to our ongoing list of valentine boxes.

Must add the caption, “We Work Great Together!”

This was a “learn as you go” project, but oh so easy. You can reap the benefit of learning from my mistakes.

We found that it was best to cut the box, without the aluminum foil, first, and then wrap it in foil. Once the cardboard was cut, it was easy to just feel around for the slits and use an exact-o knife to cut the foil.

  • Glue or tape closed the top of an empty cereal box.
  • Cut the top off the box, only on three sides, so that you have a “flap” lid.

  • Cut a slit below your lid so that kids can insert their valentines. (Resist the urge to follow your 6-year-old’s please to cut this slit into the shape of a wrench. The effect will be lost, and you’ll end up with a crooked, off-center slit. See box above.)
  • Wrap box like a present with aluminum foil, using duct tape as tape.
  • Find your cuts, and slit the aluminum foil with an exact-o knife.
  • The cut edges will stick up, so finish them off with a nice layer of duct tape to hold them down.
  • For the bolt closure, reinforce, with duct tape, a spot on the inside and outside of the box where you want to insert your bolt. Directly above the slit, centered.
  • Somehow make a hole, smaller than your bolt, and work your bolt through by twisting. You want your hole to be smaller than the bolt so that it will stay in place.
  • Follow the same procedure for the wire on the top of the lid, only a much smaller hole.
  • Cut 4 inches of picture wire and insert through the hole, securing with a knot and duct tape on the inside of the lid.
  • Now, you simply pull down the wire to wrap around the bolt. You now have a secure “seal” on your valentine box, so no girls can get to your stash.
  • My teenager used sandpaper to cut out letters to write his name. Wire would have been best… but, it’s the NIGHT BEFORE THE PARTY!
  • For embellishment, we added a real wrench. (Try saying that 6 times real fast.)

He is thrilled to have this toolbox valentine. He thinks the picture wire is real “electric wire” and wonders if his kindergarten teacher “will even allow it!”

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4 comments to “Toolbox Valentine Box”
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  2. That is AWESOME~! The valentine’s box is just something that we can’t seem to get that creative with….yours are always so great!

  3. I had never heard of a Valentine’s box before tonight. Tonight I have seen xxxxx number of posts about V’s boxes!!!! What an interesting young man you have . He knows his mind ! Just as well he has a sensational and creative mother to assist him.

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