Today’s First Grade Classroom

There are tables now, rather than desks. There is a loft in the corner above the bookshelves. The loft holds a cardboard castle created during snowy days when it was too cold to play outside.

Rather than waiting until 9th grade, they introduced Geometry here by cutting paper snowflakes in January and hanging them from the ceiling. They also learn about the negative number line, (remember that in fourth grade), the hundreds place and the story problems include 8 porpoises rather than 8 marbles.

Rather than getting a mimeographed page that says, “Letter to Parents,” The teacher sends you emails, and you can send her text messages and pictures back to let her know what’s going on in your child’s life. (And she texts back to let you know how he’s doing.) The school owns its on book binding machine, and the kids author their own books to “Keep forever.”

Upcoming events, from a recent email from the teacher:

Field Trip – Wednesday, March 16th to The Works – Permission slips came home on Friday, if you need another please let me know. We really need lots of parent volunteer for this trip because this is a very “hands on” place! If you’re able to join us we would really appreciate it!

Week of March 7th – Laboratory Week – we will be doing lots of experiments with solids, liquids and gas.

Adult size white long/short sleeve shirts – If you have any adult size long/short sleeve shirts you are wanting to get rid of, we will gladly take them! (The kids don’t know this yet, but we are going to make lab coats out of them.) Please don’t go out and buy a new one.. the old ones from way in the back of your closet at home are the best!

Goblin in the Castle – This is our new read aloud. The kids have really been excited about it…actually I am loving it too! Please ask your child about the following characters: Igor, William, The Baron, Karl, Hulda, Nurse, Granny Pinchbottom, Fauna and of course the Goblins! Ask me if I think the goblins are good or bad. Ask me if I think Granny Pinchbottom is good or bad. Ask me what Granny Pinchbottom’s advice was to William.

First Grade. It’s where the important work is done to build imaginations.

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh. This makes me want to go back and teach Year 1. I remember doing ‘The Arabian Nights’ one year and having a ‘cave’ in the back of the room with jewels etc inside. The kids used to love snuggling up in it to read during ‘silent reading’ time. *sigh*

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