To my lake neighbors not present

My first clue came when I noticed the boys were spending extended amounts of time outside; with their shoes off. Then, I realized what was happening when I saw a fly perched on the windowsill, and it was not dead. Spring arrived at the lake.


Remember that one tree branch that always bugs Dave when he’s sitting on the deck looking out at the lake? He took care of it. No EMS visit was needed.


Our “friendly” neighbor (you know who I’m talking about) sauntered on over carrying a single stray sandal; about a man’s size 15 and wanted to know if it was ours. Angel, apparently had carried it off from somewhere. The sandal was not ours, but Angel did confiscate one of the boots the boys threw off in the yard. Angel also took a Lacrosse ball and we had to chase it down.

Speaking of our friendly neighbor, his best friend (the other neighbor I’m sure you know who I’m talking about) bought a brand new pontoon boat, and brand new aluminum dock. He strategically moved his dock down several feet, so that it almost sits squarely where you-know-who’s dock once sat. (Except that you-know-who did not get his dock out of the water in time and the lake froze, and his dock sunk.)


Our Neighbor took his first maiden voyage in his new boat, with his family, on Friday. The other neighbor grumbled that he’d do that too, “if he didn’t have so much darned work to do.” He failed to mention a word about his sunken dock; and I thought it best not to bring it up.

The fish were not biting.


But certainly, they tried.


On a particularly sad and sobering note, you-know-who-with-the-horses purchased 25 acres for his horses. Not only will we be losing the neighing sound echoing across the lake, but our lake is losing its guardian angel.

Two loons decided to spend the week at our lake. They dodged like submarines whenever we tried to catch them on film. We were lucky enough to hear their trills two times. Our guardian angel explained that two loons usually stop by every spring a spend about a week here. He will miss this lake.


And, the frogs are awake from their long winter’s nap.


And for some reason, I thought this creature was interesting.


Everything’s the same; yet so much is changing at the lake.


5 comments to “To my lake neighbors not present”
  1. Looking forward to all the lake posts that will be starting. The bare feet… the giant frog, the boat in the water… love it all. Glad you got to see the loons — we love them and even though we see them all the time it is still special when you hear their call across the lake.

  2. We also went to the lake in Virginia this spring break. Beautiful weather…and the fish weren’t biting down there least for us. They had a fishing tournament on Lake Gaston last weekend and for some reason, although we couldn’t catch a thing, the fish practically jumped in to the boats of the pros…much to our dismay..and amusement! (or was that embarassment??)

    Now, back to the grindstone….oh, and I forgot my camera!

    Looks like you had as much fun as we did!!

  3. I gave up a place with a lake to have land for my horses too. I have never looked back, although I do miss it every now and then.

    Boys and their bare feet. How sweet!

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