Tissue Paper Menus

My new favorite restaurant places an unbleached tissue paper menu on each dinner plate,

and they get little grease stains on them from the butter they give you to eat with your bread. The joint opens at 11, so we had to wait 4 long minutes to get a seat.

The menu makes an awesome crinkly noise while you

read it — honestly, you almost don’t want the waiter to take your order, so you can have more time to fiddle with this menu. And then, the food comes… and it is just awesome.

The wicked bakery next door,

has this bicycle delivery service.

Can you imagine getting that kind of sweet delivery?

Bouchon Macarons

And, there is a big cookbook available from the place. Bouchon
coming soon to my kitchen library, because the recipe

for their macaroons is included…

Good thing… because the restaurant is thousands of miles away, in Napa.

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