Time To Shake Things Up

Every once in awhile, bloggers like to take an inventory of their readers. I have a good idea of who you are and where you live, and how often you stop by — but honestly, I haven’t had time to look lately. And, I’m sorry things have been slow lately, and you haven’t had much to read — but that’s because I’m working on something very big and important and awesome. I get excited just thinking about it. I’d love to tell you about it all … and I will… but it is for true readers — not just you google searchers out there trying to figure out how to cook your turkey with the flavor of rosemary! So, I will write the post, and it will be password protected — just this once. If you want to read about it, just email me at sjotest (@) yahoo dot com, and you will have the password delivered to your mailbox. Don’t worry… I’ll still have regular posts that do not require the password. And no, you cannot share this password…

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