The Paper Curtain

Too long. That’s how long it took me to add these photos to the lake house memory window. ├é┬áPrints were ordered (from the last 3 summers!) on June 13, 2012. The photos have been sitting in a basket for weeks on end, while the window, the mini clothespins, the picture frame wire and the thumbtacks sat waiting in a pile of clutter.

By the way — this window’s view is “not so hot.” It needed a curtain. I made a paper one instead.

I dreaded starting this project. There would be interruptions (only 3!), I would miss out on some of the fun happening outside — I’d be missing something. And, so I thought I’d wait for a rainy day. But the rain never came!


More importantly, I was sure I would run out of window space… and then I would have to make a decision. The question of where else to put the rest of the photos… when I run out of room here…

Yet, today, and how fitting that it was on Labor Day Weekend, I quenched my resistance and started the job. I transformed that pile of clutter by collectively adding them to the family photo window… joining all of our other memories of the lake house.

It’s much less tidy than the family memory wall at home… but this one captures the essence of the lake, perfectly.

And guess what?! I still have room for more!


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