They Will Never Go Hungry: The Benefits or Mini Mall

Want to watch fifth graders count money? See it here. I guess if Mini-Mall has taught the 5th graders anything, it is this: No matter how broke you are, if youmoney.gif can get access to an 88 cent box of Blue Jell-O and some boiling water, you can make some money. Actually just some rocks, empty baby food jars or some sponges could do the trick. The act of accounting for every penny of production has been eye-opening for them — I even sat in on a discussion over whether they should use funds for a new tablecloth for their store front. But, the real beauty of it all, was when I watched them, after the 3-day-sales, counting the money. Dollars piled everywhere, Moms stood back and bit their nails as dollars were carelessly strewn in piles. Amazingly, most of the adult-recounts came up with the same figures as the kids.

You can’t imagine the relief that came over me on the last day to watch the shark bites fly off the table faster than we could load them up. My freezer is shark-free once again. Only 6 were left after starting with 126. Rock Turtles: Sold Out. Sea Globes: Sold Out SlingShots: Sold Out. They did a great job.


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  3. I’ve just been catching up with the whole series. $227! Wonder how we can get dudelet into your school? What an amazing custom (if a little scary!) And the shark bites look irresistibly toxic…

  4. That was such a wonderful series of posts, SusieJ. I loved reading about their entrepreneurial spirit. And, the best part was getting rid of the shark bites, wasn’t it?

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