There’s Probably a Rosie Meme Somewhere

On what was a long, exhaustive day of college student/dorm movement, I saw more student belongings and dutiful parents shoving the trunks of cars full of cargo, and embraces between parents and children to last me for a lifetime.  And all I could do was sit in my spot in the passenger seat and come to terms with the fact that I have three more sons ahead of me. Watching other people move, with no place to run and hide, was more drama than I could bear.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been so bad if I could’ve actually been busy and helped move the boxes, the clothes, the half-opened bags of chips myself.

There were bursts of downpours of rain, with a breaks of sun and high humidity.  And I couldn’t help, because the crutches made that impossible.   I should’ve stayed home, but he wanted me to see his new place. Now that finals are over, He will only be living there for a month now, while he finishes the rowing season. After that, he’s homeward bound to start his summer internship.


Rosie tagged along, and we sat in the car together watching and waiting as car after car pulled up, got loaded and took off, while the trunk of our own car was weighted down with the 9 month collection dorm essentials.


I met his new roommates. Charming.  I saw his new place,  an old Tudor, converted apartment, with plaster covered walls, hardwood floors and a fireplace.  That was charming too.  Laundry is in the basement.  Similar to a frat house, his is the Cru house.  With the house broken up into apartments and group living areas.  A mature tree-lined street with flowering shrubs, and mature dandelions growing in the lawn.

We looked over his new bedroom, and figured out what we could bring back this fall to store his clothes, a desk and bed.  We will definitely be bringing this wire desk shelving hack:


And then, we went to lunch at the Belgian Waffle House, where my son had the best waffle he had ever eaten.  He gave me a bite, and I was sad when that bite was over.image  The patio was closed, and it was too hot to leave Rosie in the car.  So, we found a table as close to the patio as we could get, and tied Rosie’s leash to a chair on the patio so she could sit close to us while we ate. The staff gave her a cup of water, and Rosie inched her paws as close to the inside/outside divider as possible.


Then, I noted how many people were stopping to snap her picture.  She probably blew up Instagram that day.

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