There’s Nothing Like a Trot

First thing in the morning, to melt those extra holiday pounds. As always, there was a huge crowd of participants.

Here are a few of my Thanksgiving Guests.

May I just add here, that not all of us were smiling like this 50 minutes later, after our five mile run.

And lots of winners donated their pies to the soup kitchens,

And this year, I had some company. There were times, I will admit, when I leaned on the stroller to help pull me up that last hill at the end.

They really need to do something about that awful hill at the end of the course.

The boys keep saying they beat me, as they did, technically cross the finish line first.

2 comments to “There’s Nothing Like a Trot”
  1. Wait. Hold the phone. Did you run a 5 mile race pushing a stroller? I’m not following…from the couch.

    Oh, Amy, I walked…A LOT! My ten year-old was with me too… he faired a bit better than me.

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