There’s A Crime To Be Solved In Downtown Columbus

There is a partially burned book in the fireplace, a splatter of blood on the wall,sherlockexhibit004near a bullet hole, and a broken plaster bust on the floor. There’s a murder to be solved, and the police have it all wrong.sherlockexhibit001 So, armed with my crime detective booklet, I set out to examine the experiments set up at the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus to figure out exactly what happened here. sherlock007

Don’t think for a minute that you’ll breeze through this Sherlock Holmes exhibit and call it “elementary.” sherlockexhibit005Once you start to take a look at that crime scene evidence, and the puzzles there to solve — you’ll be hooked.sherlock010 Depending on the crowd, solving this crime could indulge your senses for up to two to three hours. sherlock009

That’s bliss for some of us want-to-be-sleuths. 

There’s a machine that reveals what blood sp;atters look like when they hit the heart, versus a direct hit. Which one splatter matches the one at the scene? And, what about this bust? Is it shattered here because it was hit with a bullet, or did it fall on the floor? sherlock008An analysis of the fragments will tell me.  To learn more, check out my post on Discovering Ohio. 

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