There Once Was a Dog Named Rosemary

Everyone called her Rosie…rosie23dsc_0316

and she loved to go down the slide, 




and sometimes she gets tired from walking,rosierdsc_0003

so she has to be carried.


and was spoiled by her owners, who treated her like a baby, 



all the time.

roaiwdsc_0023And then, she’s up for a game of basketball,rosierdsc_0007

or another trip down the slide. 


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2 comments to “There Once Was a Dog Named Rosemary”
  1. adorable! I talked to your boy at the football game last week and asked how the puppy was. He said, “good..she just bites a lot.” 🙂 those darn puppy teeth!!!

  2. Well written. The pictures make the story! I have a small chocolate lab just a little bigger than Rosemary so I got a little nostalgia when I read this. My kids spoiled her to death.

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