There Just Wasn’t Enough Of This

Looking back, at a decade that just seemed to sift through my hands like fine flour, I can honestly say that there just wasn’t enough. It went too fast… Just remembering being the mother of this brood of boys, standing barefoot in the kitchen, wiping the peanut butter off the counters, as they took off on their fishing adventure. Reprinted from 2009:

They rose early, packing their smashed jelly sandwiches, and the left-over peanut butter cookies they made the day before.
This was going to be a BIG day. Heading out in their fishing boat, finally relenting and letting their little brother tag-along, to catch the big fish. They were going out on the fishing boat all day long. “We’ll see you when it gets dark, Mom.”

Sunscreen was thrown into the boat for good measure; there would definitely be time to reapply.

They would have packed dinner, but they couldn’t find anything they liked in the cupboard; and macaroni and cheese doesn’t travel well. “It’ gets greasy Mom,” they concurred. So, they stuck with their smashed jelly sandwiches.
Finally, they left the dock at 9:15; they would have left sooner, but I insisted they fill their bellies with a big bowl of oatmeal with sprinkled brown sugar before they left. I stood on the dock, and waved them off.

I expected them back in 20 minutes. But I was wrong. They were back in 10; smashed jelly sandwiches and cookies already eaten.

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