There are No Stars in the New York City Sky

Mo matter how clear the night sky is in New York City, not a single star can be seen. Tonight, I heard how the weatherman frames a clear night — how he compensates his viewers for not having stars to count: He says the sky is clear from “spire to spire.”

imageIs this tragic? I would have thought so days before; days before I learned where the real stars are in New York City.

The stars here are the young girls, dressed to the nines, who are practical enough to wear ONLY ballerina flats, making it acceptable for the rest of us to wear flats too. The parents who push their little ones in strollers, juggling groceries of fresh fruit and vegetables — just enough to cook for today. People who chat kindly with you while you wait on the elevator, who genuinely want to know, “how are you doing, and how can I help.” imageThe maitre’d who stands by the pot of basil, growing in real dirt, that he snips to garnish the hot plates of pasta. image(New Yorkers are passionate about dirt — they utilize every square inch of space in corners and on rooftops, to let something green thrive.)

To those who give Batman the space he needs.
And to the old men who elevate the simplest restaurant with white cloth napkins, describing each dish on the menu as if it were a curated museum piece.

imageThis sweet girl, who pushed her hand against the glass, sharing with anyone who would look at her ring. Who does that? Shares joy with complete strangers?
I love New York. People here read books, and will talk to you about anything, and who are not obnoxious and condescending to the newcomers who stand in awe here.

Where else can you go and find so many friendly strangers?
Each spire represents the light of millions of precious people. The lights, the same ones that block the stars, pulsate and vibrate, signaling the message, that you cannot ever be alone here. There are no strangers in New York.

This is the place where you cannot see the stars, but you see the spires, the light of millions of people going about their work. The place where, on a clear night, you can see from spire to spire.


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