There are 13 dark, dark things …

I am crazy busy getting these kids ready for Halloween, and also busy with a little surprise about a new writing gig (more later). So, here’s an archive post from last year.

Happy Halloween!

You would think that after spending the summer at the lake that I saw just about all there was to see. How wrong I was. I found something hiding behind these trees. The same trees I looked at across the lake all summer; the same trees you saw in the photos of all of those lake pictures I posted. Right there, in the tree line, something sinister is hiding. Maybe, this is that Nancy Drew Mystery I’ve been looking for all along. Think of Ruth Brown’s delightfully scary book, A Dark, Dark Tale.

I. There is a dark, dark road that takes you to a dark, dark lake.


II. And on that dark, dark, lake, there is a dark, dark dock.
III. And on that dark, dark dock, is a bright shinny canoe.


IV. As you glide on your bright shinny canoe, you see a dark, dark woods.
V. And through the dark, dark trees, you see a dark, dark house.


VI. And on that dark, dark house are dark, broken windows.


VII. And through the dark, dark windows, there is a dark, dark kitchen.


VIII. And in that dark, dark, kitchen, there is a dark, old, refrigerator.
IX. And through that dark, dark window, you see a dark, dark hallway.


X. And down the dark, dark hallway, you see on a dark, dark doorknob, a dark, dark jacket.


XI. And around the dark, dark house, you see a dark, dark, open door.


XII. And by the dark, dark door, you see a dark, DARK SHOE!


XIII. And then you scream, and run through the woods, trip on the trees, and jump back into your boat. And start paddling.



Happy Halloween!

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42 comments to “There are 13 dark, dark things …”
  1. It was a creepy house before ever being close enough to look inside. It just screams, “Haunted death trap”.

    Great post! Absolutely perfect for Halloween. 🙂


  2. Oh how fun! Great pictures — I feel as if I’m there and what a gr8 place to be. Thx for sharing. Mine’s up, so plz come by when you have a chance! Happy TT 🙂

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