Then, I Would Have Finally Had My Daughter

When Rosie was in the hospital, she needed two blood transfusions to stop the blood from filling up in her lungs, from the rat poison she ingested.

Rosie leaving the hospital… a little drugged, no leash around her neck (would compress her lungs), and IV bandage (puppies) around her leg.

The animal hospital had plenty of blood, that was not an issue. But, if the doggie blood bank was low, we learned later, that humans can donate their own blood, and a portion of human protein can be donated to the dog.

So, if she had needed blood, I know of four boys, and a mom and dad who would have gladly rolled their sleeves.

And if we had, Rosie would definitely be our “blood relative,” and I would finally have the daughter I never had!

And Rosie is now doing fine…

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