Then, I Noticed His Feet

The little boys came running into the front door at 12:15 to gobble down their lunch, transform into their costumes, to head back to school by 1:05 for the annual Halloween Parade and party.

I made a bowl of plain boiled noodles, with butter and salt, grilled cheese sandwiches (only one half was eaten) and baby carrots we harvested from the garden this year, before sending them on their way.

I told the boys we would take them back to school, but no, they couldn’t wait for us… they ran out the door and said they would see us in the parade. So my  husband and I took our time to eat our lunch, before walking back to school for pictures and candy.

After today’s parade and party, there is the weekend, no school on Monday, and Trick or Treat on Monday night. They head back to school, fully-loaded with sugar on Tuesday. Emotions of Halloween, candy and three-day weekends are running high, and parents can only brace themselves for the days ahead. Forgive us all, if we seem a little distracted by all that lies ahead.

I saw the first little guy marching through the parade, and snapped his picture.

Then, again, after he looked at us when we called his name.

The second followed, and my friend standing beside me said, “Did you notice  how he isn’t wearing his shoes?”



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