Update: The Year Christmas Came With A Four-Minute TV Spot

You can see it here:

The best part, I keep telling myself, is that by 10 am, I could easily be sitting in my favorite Sunday school class, as if nothing happened that morning.

The TV station, WSYX-TV is less than a mile away. I am to arrive by 9:15, camera ready, ready for a four-minute interview at 9:45 am.  The whole ordeal will be over by 9:59 am.

I could show you the selfies I sent to friends this morning, while I stood in my closet, trying to figure out the best, presentable outfit, before I finally gave up and put myself at the mercy of the boys who took the rest of the photos for me. The girls have voted, so the outfit is pressed in waiting in the closet.

image Meanwhile the fruit needs cut for the family get-together today, and the chex mix is still in the boxes in the pantry.  I have message points to recite, and memorize and practice.  But there are people waiting for me to cook!

vintage button bobby pins012

And my hair, which I planned to blow-out, looking sleek and contained — But after arriving at a party last night, the wind blowing my untamed curls, as I fumbled with bobby pins, the ones the boys made for Mother’s day, and tried to keep it back.  They all said, “wear your hair just like that. It’s perfect.”  And you know how hair is… a mind of it’s own.  So who knows what mood it will be on Sunday morning.

At 9:45 AM, I’ll be there, on your screen, talking to you about some of the healthy, snacks that you can take on the plane or car…. stay tuned.

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