The Working Son’s Lunch

Each weekday morning, at the crack of dawn, this young man sets out to conquer the world — building that base of cash he needs for college.  In essence, there isn’t a better job a mom could wish for her son — the one that shows him what it means to work hard, day after day, the finite quality of money, and a taste of what it would be like if he doesn’t finish college.

He’s ravenously hungry when he wakes up — and even after a protien-filled breakfast, hes the same way at 10 am, and again at lunchtime, 12:30, and again at 5 pm, when he gets home… and always at 10 pm.

Keeping a steady stream of food inside of him to keep him satiated has pretty much been my full time job this summer.  We’ve come up with a system, for his meals to get him through work, that does the job.


The sandwiches are usually roast beef or chicken from dinner the night before. Our plan of attack is to pack the entire meal the night before, storing the dry food in the cooler, and the refrigerated food is read to be pulled out, sleepy-eyed and tired, off the shelf by having it stored into the plastic grocery bag — which also serves as his trash bag the next day. The three containers are water are all completely empty by the end of the day — and we get them back in the freezer as soon as he comes home so it’s ready for the next morning.

And, as soon as he comes home, dirty, burly and sweaty, he says, “How long before it’s time to eat?”

P.S. Take note of how well the “distressing/antiquing” job the boys have done is holding up on that kitchen table surface.

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