The Winner and the Answers: 13 Diner Food Code Names

And, here are your answers.

  1. On the hoof — Any kind of meat cooked rare
  2. Bloodhounds in the Hay — Hot dogs and Sauerkraut
  3. Foreign Entanglements — Plate of Spaghetti
  4. Hockey puck — A hamburger, well done
  5. Zeppelin — Sausage
  6. Chewed with Fine Breath –  Hamburger with onions
  7. Shake one in the hay — Strawberry milkshake
  8. Bailed hay — Shredded Wheat
  9. Gravel train — Sugar bowl
  10. Bubble Dancer — Dishwasher
  11. Frog sticks — frenchfries
  12. Radar range — Microwave oven
  13. Maiden’s delight — Cherries, well, you know that one.

So, have some fun at dinner tonight. This could add a whole new dimension to fussy eaters.

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4 comments to “The Winner and the Answers: 13 Diner Food Code Names”
  1. I saw the quiz the other day but I had no idea what any of them were! Now I know! Hmm… I think I’ll try some foriegn entanglements tonight with some bubble dancing after my shake one in the hay!
    Great post- and Happy Mother’s Day to you, Susie!

  2. That really WAS a fun post, Miss SusieJ. I was embarrassed that it brought out the “competitive” in me and made me dash to beat everybody, because that would have defeated the whole purpose. Congratulations to Gift of Green! I can’t believe that no one else even tried.

  3. I am so honored!! Thank you so much, SusieJ, for hosting such a fun contest. Now if I can just remember to bring my own mug to Starbucks…


    Cup o’ Joe with Legs

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