The Well-Stocked Freezer

It’s tough to create meals by working from your pantry and refrigerator alone. This is my final post on stocking your pantry, and refrigerator. Sometimes, you need a workhouse, like your freezer, to do some extra hard-working storage for you. Here are 13 things to add to your grocery list of things to store in your freezer for the not, quite so last minute meals. Still, I’m posting a recipe that you can still make at the last-minute, using frozen food stuff.

  1. Frozen berries — your choice
  2. Frozen peas. The make great ice packs.
  3. Bread, or bread dough. Bread is best frozen rather than refrigerated.
  4. Pie-crusts, store-bought, or make your own
  5. Shrimp
  6. Chicken breasts
  7. Ground Beef
  8. Bacon
  9. Sesame, Poppy and ground flaxseeds. (They go rancid in the cupboard once ground.)
  10. Walnuts, almonds, pistachios — your choice.
  11. Edamame. (This is such a great protein source, I don’t even list it with vegetables)
  12. Ice Cream
  13. Frozen vegetables — your choice.

Awesome chicken tenders

  • Two tablespoons Sesame Seeds
  • 2 teaspoons thyme
  • 2 teaspoons oregano
  • Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 cup of flour (whole wheat will work.)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 6 Frozen chicken breasts
  1. Mix sesame seeds, salt, dried thyme, dried oregano, flour and Parmesan cheese into a pie plate.
  2. Pull the chicken breasts from the freezer, and run warm water over the package so that you can get the packaging off.
  3. Rinse chicken breasts in cold water.
  4. Pour light olive oil in a large pan, and heat pan over medium heat.
  5. Using a good sharp knife, cut the frozen chicken into strips, or bite-sized squares. Much easier to cut when frozen.
  6. Dip the chicken strips into the egg mixture, then dredge through flour mixture.
  7. Once oil is hot, cook strips until golden on each side.
  8. Cut through to check to ensure there is no pink.
  9. Done.

This meal is great when served with spaghetti marinara sauce, a bowl of edamame, with, what else, a bowl of ice cream!

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37 comments to “The Well-Stocked Freezer”
  1. Joely, I know what you mean about the bread dough… I’m using a tall tupperware container — that you would mix iced tea in.. it takes up less space.

    Nuts and seeds go in the freezer because their oils turn rancid quickly.

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  4. I know lots of people who swear by freezing bread but I can always taste the freezer in the bread no matter how carefully it’s been frozen. Bread is one of the few things I don’t allow in my freezer. Happy TT.

  5. Edamame’s not in my house long enough to get frozen… my kids INHALE it. We grew it last year; I hope to have better luck with it this. Eep. My fault… I’m not great about watering… *blush*

  6. those tenders sound yummy…i’m going to have to make those for the brats!
    i always have frozen berries…i love eating them! and, a big bag of frozen fruit!!
    you just reminded me that i forgot to buy ground beef at the grocery store!!
    how are you?

  7. Great list! I have most of these in my freezer. I’m going to read your fridge one. I’m having a hard time getting everything in now that I have a huge bowl of bread dough in there!!

  8. I feel so proud, I have most of the list already, but I can do better. This just added to my grocery list, not to mention made me hungry. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy TT


  9. I used to keep my fridge and freezer well stocked but these days I shop for fresh food more often because I have discretionary time. Those chicken tenders look tasty indeed!
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. I never thought of keeping the frozen bread dough on hand. A very good idea. Thank you.

    And I’m touched that you had a Grandmother Wren. You’re welcome for a visit anytime!

  11. I have only about three of those things, but it’s the veggies and fruit, so I guess we’re good. Oh, I have chicken tenders in there, too.
    I have ground Bison instead of beef.

  12. Last night I had a fight with my freezer…hubby put all the girlscout cookies in there and now there isn’t any room.
    Why are the corndog boxes 12 x 12..they take up a whole shelf?

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