Building Swans from Scratch

At any time of day, this is what you’ll find on our kitchen table.

3d origami002

Lego guys, some origami creation, and these little triangles.

3d origami003

They are his latest passion, and it’s called 3-d origami. You simply fold paper into these shapes —

it’s tedious work —

3d origami001


3d origami004

and then, you put them all together, to make a swan.

3d origami005

3 comments to “Building Swans from Scratch”
  1. How cute, and – may I had – what excellent fine motor skills he has !! Does he know how to make gum wrapper chains? Do kids even do that anymore? I remember when he learned to hold a pencil !

  2. Oh, Holly — what a memory — when he couldn’t even hold a pencil! Look at him now… And, what a great idea to make the chain! I’ll see if he’s into that… and yes, I’ve seen some of the Z&A’s friends in HS and MS carrying a few gum wrapper chains — it’s spotty… but I’ve seen them.

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