Rainy Days

The rain finally came. What a sorely needed downpour. We found two leaks in our new lake house. One leak covered the top bunk bed in water. An amazing, friendly handy-man came with the house. He can fix anything. He’ll be out today.

From inside the cottage, we could look down on the water, and watch the turtles come up for air. Soon, the rain came so hard that we couldn’t see the trees on the other side of the lake, or the other cottages. It was dark, and we don’t have much light inside the cottage, so I found some candles left behind by the previous owners.

How could I forget? I have boys. It became their challenge to see how far away they could stand and blow to make the flame go out.

The thing with rainy days is that it just makes the kids want to dance. They don’t want to snuggle in and have a quiet day. The trouble is with all of those rainy day craft projects, and snuggling and curling up to read those long chapters in our favorite books, is that children don’t always necessarily feel like sitting around doing those things when it does rain. Does the rain hit when they are the most hyper – or does the rain make them hyper? Whichever way it was — they drove me crazy. And that rainy day craft box hiding in the garage — I think I have no use for it.

As this rain came with no thunderstorm, they soon found their way outside playing in the sand and water, in the rain.

And then, they got wet, so they changed their clothes again, to get dry. And then, they went back into the rain.

And then the storm turned, and there was thunder and lightning. And we were all back together again.

We have no kitchen table to eat on, (we have a big picnic table on the deck) and the rain stayed all the way into dinnertime. So, I improvised. We only have two chairs, so I fed them in shifts, two at a time, at the library table.

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7 comments to “Rainy Days”
  1. I’m glad you have a handyman – too bad about the leak.

    I hope you get all the rain you want/need. We’re into our hot dry spell here and aside from a thunder storm bringing rain it’s just plain hot! I shouldn’t complain as soon it will be 40 below…yikes!

  2. It is still hot and dry here and boy do we need the rain—so if you know of a way to send it my way—please do so.

    Handymen are nice—glad you have one.

    Take care and enjoy life.

  3. I’m glad the rain finally came. It often seems to come when Julia is at her most active, too. LIke this morning, when we finally had a day to sleep in and she just couldn’t stay in bed!

  4. We’ve been having a lot of rainy days and he does get completely loopy or whiny – mind you, so do the cats. Of course, the main problem is that the rain is no barrier to going outside to him at all.

    Though, being three, getting him out of doors when the sun is shining can take hours, just because his current boundary testing phase requires that he resist as much as possible any suggestion we might make!

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