The Shadow Who Is About To Shine

She carries a journal around to capture her thoughts — and they fly off the page, sending her down roads and alleys she never expected to travel. She’s also quite savvy on Pinterest — she has the kind of eye that doesn’t need much vision, just the tools and the props, and she’s off and running to create something beautiful.

graduation decor287

She shadowed me in the crazy weeks leading up to the frenzied graduation party and ceremony. Then, a couple of days later, she was brave kind enough to come back and help me organize the photos, make the banners, pick the flowers and make it all perfect.

graduation decor286

We started with the banner, printing out the letters of his old Algebra papers, which he hated, so we had to switch to old pages from maps.

graduation decorb2286

I thought I had all the photos I needed on the big board — but then,

graduation decor290 there was this blank wooden fence staring at us that

graduation decor295

graduation decor292 graduation decor289 graduation decor291suddenly transformed into a wall… So we got busy with a few nails and push pins.

graduation decor293

The perfect place for the kid art mosaic, and a few other choice items.

graduation decor298

While his brothers dug through the house to find art, graduation decor296projects, crafts and toys, graduation decor294the graduate was at the river rowing — getting ready for his trip to the finals in California.

graduation decor300

graduation decor301

I urged her to start a blog. Now. Sweet as she is, she simply said, I don’t want to be so self serving. graduation decorb286Then, I explained to her that the blog isn’t so much about you as it is about your experience — and your willingness to give your insight, to help others make sense of what they’re feeling. And writing everyday, for publication — does change who you are.


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