Sock monkeys for Christmas



Hey Mom,

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents. It’s too dangerous to buy the boys toys. Choking hazards and now Aqua Dots and drugs. And even store-bought sock monkeys are a risk. Did you think you’d ever live to see the day when buying one of your grandsons a toy would be so dangerous? Well, I guess you didn’t really live to see that day. To fight back, parents will be writing letters to Congress in an effort to bring back the days of safe shopping.

I’m not holding my breath for changes. So, for this year’s Christmas tree, I’m thinking of a simpler approach. Something safe; something as far away from factories in China as possible; something soft.sock-monkey.jpg

Mom, did you forget, we were going to make another set of sock monkeys at Christmas? This would be the perfect year to make them. The first time, there were only two boys, and they were small. Remember that night when we made them together? We were at your house, about two weeks before Christmas, while everyone else was at Alan’s watching some game. And the candles — was it his, or was it his, sweater that caught on fire? Why can’t I remember who that was? Of course these guys don’t know what a sock monkey is; but I know they’d love to have one. Of course, this grandson would want that sock elephant.



Sewing machines make me nervous. Yet, I did pull your sewing machine out of the cupboard one day last week. I know — I know. I was desperate, and I really needed to sew those rips along the seams of the robot costume. I thought at first, I’ll just use the blue thread you left in here. (I wonder what you were sewing? What was your LAST sewing project?) But, then I looked into his face, and knew I had to at least try to use gray thread. But how do you thread this machine?! Lucky, for me, I found an online video of some really nice guy in Texas to show me how to thread it. You should have seen your little grandson standing beside me as we figured out the whole thing. He pointed out the holes and slots for the thread, and I threaded it through.

No, of course I did not change the bobbin. I left the blue in there — because you know how I am with bobbins. I figure the thread won’t show — so what does that matter? I figured out how to raise the foot (boy, you have a fancy machine) and we zoomed along the seam. One done. Check. Of course, it wouldn’t be a sewing experience for me if I did not run out of bobbin thread. With one seam left to go. The sweet guy from Texas was absolutely no help in helping me figure out how to keep the needle from running up and down while I threaded the bobbin. And where is the manual to this machine? I looked and looked — and all I could find was the packet that holds all the cards for your fancy embroidery stitches.

Of course, your grandsons were fidgety, and played around with all the features on your machine while I was trying to figure out the bobbin thing. And they found that secret compartment where you keep all of your threaded bobbins. All 11 of them. Let me repeat that; all 11 of them, already threaded, all nice and neatly lined up for me. So, I pulled the one out you left threaded in black thread. Like I said, no one will see the seam, so it doesn’t really matter what color thread I use, right? With the help of the guy from Texas, I easily figured out how to slide the bobbin into the right slot. All seams fixed. I’m very proud of myself.


So, do you think I could make these sock monkeys by myself? I’ll order the red heel socks. Yes, we have to make them ourselves, because buying them just isn’t safe. Maybe you’re right. I could get some help. I only need to find someone who knows how to cut in a straight line; and thread a bobbin. I think I know just the person. We could make cookies — OK you’re right. Cookies and sewing don’t mix. And neither do candles. And yes, we have to make 4 sock monkeys this year.

I miss you Mom. I still don’t know why you had to leave right in the middle of everything.

Oh, and you’re right. I won’t bring up that sock elephant thing. If he doesn’t know, he’ll never miss it, and that elephant looks WAY too hard. The monkey will be much more cuddly anyway.



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16 comments to “Sock monkeys for Christmas”
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  3. How perfect! I have wanted to make one for my baby girl this year and hadn’t gotten around to getting the info! You are a God send! I also love the post, how it is written and your new profile photo!

  4. Thanks for all the great links. I had forgotten that there had been a recall on Sock Monkeys! And, now, Curious George, too! I hate to think about what could be next………Oh, and I know how to cut in a straight line…..

  5. That’s great Holly, as I cannot cut in a straight line.

    11 bobbins, already prepared.

    And yes, very happy to find all of these links myself.

    I’m still tempted to try that elephant though.

    Getting a little worried after Mama K’s comment — can we really do 4?

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  7. The posts about your mom always bring tears to my eyes. What a special relationship the two of you must have had. It seems she is still very much with you, though.

    I am so thankful for this post, Suz! I’m hosting our playgroup’s Christmas party in December and I was looking for a gift Santa (as portrayed by my husband) could give the children. I wanted something preferably homemade and sock monkeys are just perfect. My mom is going to help me. And I know I won’t be able to help but think of you as we make them.

    Thanks for a great post and a wonderful Christmas idea!

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