The Rush From Canning

When you find a fellow “canner” they do have a sort of gleam in their eye…, giving you a conspiratory look, as if, “You do it too?” Oh Yeah, I say. I love it. It’s not “Yeah, I do it” but rather, “I love it.” She says, “I do too.”

There is some sort of satisfaction of having the jars, sealed in your cupboard, not having to rely on any kind of electricity whatsoever to keep them preserved, as in, say freezer jam requires.

But I have to admit, the real rush for me, comes when I actually use that jar lifter, and pull those baby jars out of that hot bath of boiling water… thinking, “is it going to fall? There’s no way I’m going to make it all the way over safely to the counter…”

And then, it does. The jar makes it, totally intact… to the towel where they set and wait to “seal.” Magic.

So, when I look at those jars of canned strawberry jam in my cupboard, that’s what I think about. All those boiling hot jam jars that miraculously did not break.



Labeled by none other, than my own proud little boy.

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One comment to “The Rush From Canning”
  1. I did strawberry jam this week too! I get that same feeling when I hear the POPS of the jar sealing…… and love the satisfaction of the jars lined up in a row. Although, I’m always grateful my family doesn’t depend on my canning abilities to get us through the winter! Next up: Rose Petal Jam!

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