The Protest

A few days after the 7-year-old hosted his friends to a rip-roaring birthday party that included ball-pit fun, and gambling away tokens at the slot machines, I presented him with his Thank You cards.

“You never told me this!  You should have warned me before I invited everyone.”

Clutching his colored pencil like a bear trying to scratch his way through the forest, he reluctantly scrawls out the words, “Thank you for the Bakugan.” The words sprawl out in an uneven script covering the text and photo on the front of the cards.

Here’s my interpretation of the scowl of his face:

“I can’t BELIEVE she has the audacity to make me write something that has nothing to do with school or homework.”

As he begins to write the next card, he stops and says, “Wait a minute. These cards already say ‘thank you.’  I only have to write Camp Set.”

So, that’s exactly what he did.

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