The potato launcher

One night, things were just a little too quiet on the lake….


I soon learned, that if you see two guys walking out of the grocery store with Aqua Net Hair Spray, and a 10 pound bag of potatoes —



they’re on a mission. You see, Aqua Net makes a great “fuel” for a potato launcher, or spud gun. See what I mean, on this video, here:


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Notice the number of seconds between launch, and splash.

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6 comments to “The potato launcher”
  1. Ah, what to do when you’re bored at your lake house… hee hee… that looked fun! I think the adults were getting a bigger kick out it than the kids!
    Thanks for sharing that Susie! BTW- you are so *nice*! See my blog for more details!
    p.s. will be traveling for a week- miss you!

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