The Photo I Didn’t Know I Snapped

I don’t think I was aware of this one, as I scroll through the photos of last weekend.

Now I remember. My hands were full as I carried the dinner plates into the house from the picnic table, the flies were zooming in as I held the door open. But I looked up just in time to see that the sun had broke through the clouds to give us a shot of this sunset.

And then, I must have put the camera down and carried on with the cleaning up. this could be a litany about the importance of taking photos, capturing every moment. imageBecause I do take pictures of everything, the mundane, the stillness. Collecting them like scraps, just in case I will need them someday.snapsDSC_0297 Or because I want to remember them. I snap them so quickly, like breaths, and the people who are with me politely stop to wait for me. snapsDSC_0350I just keep moving, offering no explanation about why I snapped that photo. I can’t put into words why I snap what I do.


This sunset, missed, as we focused on the tasks of daily living, was quite glorious, now that I see this photo. imageThe clouds had covered the sun for most of the day, and made its shinning appearance at just the right moment to close out the day.


Just like the memories we are holding from summer. They don’t seem like much, but later, when we unwrap them, we will see the beauty they held.


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