The Pear Tart That Uses One of Those Special Secret Ingredients

You know that delicious healing far of fermented ginger in honey? The one that fights colds, sore throats and maybe the flu? It’s also a great sauce to use for baking.

sherlock001The best chefs and the best recipes usually  have some secret ingredient — that hard-to-find delicacy that adds just a touch of something. You have to special-order it, or you have to get it from som speciality shop, and it is so expensive — or the cook won’t tell you what that secret ingredient is.

But here it is, in that  little unpretentious jar of fermented honey in ginger.Time develops those flavors, this is a 1 month old honey/ginger ferment.preserved ginger005 Time enhances the aromas and flavors as the ginger almost melts under the power of the honey.

So why not pull out a piece of parchment paper, and sprinkle it with some powdered ginger and some sugar? Next, roll out a chunk of that healthy sourdough pie crust (also fermented with time) from the freezer and make a nice rustic rectangle.

sherlock002Then, slice up some pears and pour some fermented ginger and honey on top and mix. Pour this into your pie crust dough, and fold up the edges and bake at 350 degrees F, for about 30 minutes.

This is perfection… click here for the recipe for fermented ginger in honey. 

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