The One-Pot, 20 Minute, College Meal

The college son is home this summer, busy putting time in at his summer internship… And, he also wants to learn how to cook.  He will be living in a sort of fraternity house with Cru this fall, complete with a kitchen, so that he can step away from the high-carb, low-nutrient dorm fare.

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At 4:55 this afternoon, I stopped myself from starting to cook dinner,and decided to wait for him to get home and start this 20-minute meal, so I could illustrate, step-by-step, and let him do the cooking.

Have you tried this meal? It’s been on PInterest for several years now, in differing versions.  It’s not a Pinterest “fail” and is very forgiving and versatile…and quick!

Basically, you can use pasta with anything you wish, such as  fresh, or frozen vegetables, and/or any cooked meat.  In this case, the meat was frozen meatballs, frozen vegetable medley, and spaghetti.

The trick is to use a skillet, rather than a pot to boil the pasta.  The wide surface area of the skillet allows you to cook the pasta in just a few inches of water.

  1. Add water and a bouillon cube  to the skillet, and turn up the heat to medium.
  2. Add uncooked pasta, vegetables and cooked meat.
  3. Cove and let simmer, lifting the lid to check on the water level.  If the pasta hasn’t finished cooking, and the water is low, just add a bit more water.
  4. As the steam continues to cook the vegetables, and the pasta cooks, you can add your salt, pepper and seasonings you like.
  5. Once the water is gone, and the pasta is cooked, you have the option of adding salt, or just eating as-is.

A perfect meal for a busy student, who only wants to wash one pan.

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