The One Mistake I Always Make

At the end of my exam, my gynecologists always looks me in the eye (I’m sure she does this to all the moms) and asks me this:

Before you had children, you probably imagined yourself as a beautiful swan, having lots of children around you, because you loved children, and that’s what you wanted around you in your life.  If you’re not acting like a swan, and you don’t like how you behave toward your children, it’s time to get some help. This is why God invented crock pots, mommy’s helpers and children’s television.  Use them.

I try to explain that it’s just not that easy. I probably do need a Mommy’s Helper; but really, that would be just one more person in the house to take care of, so, I’ll do it all myself, thank you. And besides, a really nice Mommy’s Helper would soon get scared away anyway.

5 comments to “The One Mistake I Always Make”
  1. HI Susie!! long time!
    Your gyno. sounds so wonderful!
    I love a doc that treats the
    ‘whole’ you!
    kids are stressful
    that’s why the invented
    red wine!

  2. Congrats for your blog post nomination. It deserved it; thought it was one of your best. Glad to see it get recognition.

    Mommy’s helper. You’re right… just another person around. This, too, shall pass.

  3. Thank you for this. I shared this post and another one you wrote about noticing the small moments with your kids — It was nice, posted around Christmas — with my best friend. With both have small babies, our firsts, and it’s so easy sometimes to get overwhelmed. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy it.

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