The Light We See is Shifting

Have you noticed it? It is not as subtle as you would imagine. But the sun, even when it is shining its very brightest, and doing its hardest work, is not bright. Have you noticed that the day us dark? deer across lake008

I never saw this as a kid, even though it happened every year. The angle of the sun, in fall, twists itself away, so that the shadows are longer, and the days are shorter.

In actuality, the sun has never been closer to us, as it is in autumn, but it is simply the angle that causes us to see our days in the half strength.

Our kickball games are cut short, we have to remember to eat dinner earlier, so that we will have enough daylight to put up the volleyball net — and still the net isn’t up.

The angle of the sun is why you can’t start a vegetable garden in the fall, even though the temperatures soar into the 90s, and maybe this is what causes the nights to be so cool.

As the light from this big star dIes, the other stars begin their annual shooting star shower.  Thursday is the peak…


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