The Great Altoids Tin Challenge #7

This is the 12 days of Christmas, right? This is when all of the holiday hubbub is suppossed to take place anyway. Yet, I know that, like me, you’re tired of it all, and ready to move on. And, I will — after I’ve finished with the Altoids Tin Challenges.

It was getting down to the wire — it was the day before Christmas Eve… and all through the house, all the creatures were stirring — including my 16-year old who decided it was time to start and finish his Altoids.

As I brainstormed with him, I realized then, what a great Christmas challenge this was. How trying to figure out what will fit into an Altoids Tin forces you to limit and narrow your focus to what really matters. Gifts that no gift card, cash or toy store can compare with. Gifts that say, “I KNOW you.”

Finally, he came up with this:  “He likes to build things.” So, he creatively cut out shapes from a Quaker’s Oat’s cereal box…

made the “heart” go right where the heart fits


and put the whole thing together with some brads.


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