The Great Altoids Gift Challenge #5

This Monopoly Altoids Christmas gift is over the top — and there were several moments when I questioned the purpose of the whole entire project at this point.


But to by honest, ┬áthere really is nothing for me to gripe about. The son who came up with this one, I thought, was too young to handle this project. But he proved me wrong. Except for the cutting I did for him — he did all the creative work himself. He was the one who thought of finding an image of a Monopoly game board and printing it… of finding images of the deed cards and printing it so that Mom could cut them out.

Mini-Board Game


He was the one who thought of using a combination of staples and magnets as game pieces… (I think he broke the stapler trying to get out all of the pieces — because they had to be bent staples.) He insists on using paper money — and I tried my best to convince him to use Pennies — and change the prices accordingly to be a true miniature game, with boardwalk selling at 3 cents. No deal.

Now, all he needs is a roll of magnet “tape” to finish the game, and we’re good to go.

Altoids Christmas Gift Gallery so far:

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