The garden store pond

This guy,


Caused quite a splash at the garden store Saturday. Why were we there? To buy a couple of trees. Our Birch tree is dying.


You can see it over there to the right, close to the house.

There was a pond at the garden store. There was a large frog, lots of goldfish.

See him here, fishing with a stick. (Notice the change of clothes — this is before.)


It all starts out innocently enough. Fishing with a piece of prairie grass …


He moves in a little closer …


And then… He’s in the pond.

No more pictures at this point. Trying to save my child.

He says, “He just had to catch a fish.”

I took his new spiderman boots off, and poured water out of them. joshtree1.gif

A trip back home for dry clothes — and back to our original mission.zachtree.gif

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  1. What a cutie. And you have a brick house? I am so impressed. I love brick, but I can’t find it much in the NW.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

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