The games we try to play


In our family of four boys, with mixed ages, our children are not quite old enough to be avid board game players – yet. It’s tough to find a game that isn’t boring for the big boys, yet is still playable for the 3 and 5-year olds. Clue Jr. is a good one, but eventually, the little boys walk off with the parts, and they become part of some imaginary game, and eventually end up in the sand, dirt or rocks.


When we play charades, someone always tends to get “stuck” on a certain character. For example, once our 3-year old was “Green of the Hulk” every time it was his turn. (The Incredible Hulk). “Guess what I am now?”


We still have remnants lying around of the construction paper airplane contest we held. The deck was a perfect launching pad to the ground below.


This thick paper was sometimes reinforced with duct tape – and yes, they still flew, despite the heavy weight. These airplanes were eventually coded with messages,


to be recycled as birthday cards, and delivered, via airmail.


Eventually, all of this recycling led us to build the sailboats,


and later to missiles.


Boat rides and fishing are still a novelty for us, and it’s fun just to go out and explore a little bit of the lake, with Grandpa.


Over the years, we have learned that physical activity is essentially a necessity for any game to be a success in our family.


Wiffle ball is perfect for us. I think the boys especially like the idea of the 4 of them against the two of us, Mom and Dad.


When he’s at work, it’s me against all of them.

I had to put a moratorium on stealing bases, yet I do manage to get a few “out” now and then.

We’ve had quite a few rainy days here at the lake, and without TV, we’ve been able to develop (or is it discover?) a passion for mysteries. On thunder-and-lightning-gray mornings, I light a candle, and begin to read. There are few pictures, so the boys keep their hands busy building floor puzzles, (currently an underwater ocean puzzle) while one boy in particular stares out at the lake as I read, and begs me to keep going when I reach the end of a chapter. Currently, we’re reading vintage Nancy Drew, The Secret of Mirror Bay. And, I’ll tell you about that story, within a story, soon.


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  2. Maybe we’ll give charades a try. Dudelet currently insists on playing Go which rapidly morphs into Bank (“The bank’s open! Have some black money!”) and thence into Oh No, There Are 360 Go Pieces On The Lounge Floor…

  3. You have such beautiful kids—thank you for sharing with us.

    Oh the games we play—it is great to see just how much time you put into playing with your kids—keeping them entertained—creative you are.

  4. The things we have to come up to keep them entertained. And boys – a lot of physical activity needed ๐Ÿ™‚ But everything you’re doing looks fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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